Gameblyr is an indie game publishing partner committed to helping creators bring high quality mobile and cross-platform games to market


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Platforms: iOS

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What We Do


Our partnership based model focuses on paid and organic user acquisition with the ultimate goal of building visibility and community for our games over the long term.


We provide AAA Industry Marketing for all of our Indie titles leveraging some of the top providers in gaming. We work with you at launch and beyond to keep your game relevant and at the top of the charts.


We work with you to identify best practices for pricing and developing monetization mechanics that allow you to generate revenue for your game while not creating barriers for growth.


We work with developers as partners to grow their studios, build communities around their games and engage their users with content, competitive play and more.

Gameblyr is committed to the success of premium indie game development

Birnam Wood Games is a mobile gaming developer focused on creating entertaining, accessible, and artistic games from Burlington, VT. Birnam Wood Games has created strategy hits in the AppStore, such as critically acclaimed and award winning "Pathogen" which explores innovative style in strategic gameplay. BWG also focuses on creating bridges between the physical world and the digital world with titles such as 8BitFit, a fitness game you play by moving, and Loc, one of the launch titles for LEAP Motion.

Moonshot is an indie developer that makes stellar games by combining striking hand-crafted art with world-class tech, design and storytelling, along with a particular focus on great artificial intelligence. Founded in 2009 by three veterans of the Halo franchise, Moonshot both creates its own original titles and contributes to great projects with great studios in the AAA space. Mission Control is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Gameblyr is an indie mobile game publisher committed to changing the way developers and publishers work together to create and release games. Leveraging key industry experience in user acquisition, monetization, marketing and live support we bring an individualized partnership and approach to every game we work with. Our portfolio of services gives today’s game developer the publishing services they require to make their game successful and build an audience without giving up the farm.

We have your back

We are invested in the success of our developers, utilize an eat what we kill revenue share model and we collaborate deeply with our developer partners to create high quality games that get the attention they deserve. Our success is measure by that of our developers.

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